My Trip to Ooty, Mysore

Hi everyone,
Let me put in front of everyone of you, my experiences in the trip to Ooty, Mysore along with my parents, sister.
We started from home on 16th May, 2009, reached Tirupati on the next day. The journey was on train. It was after so long time that all of us together went for a train journey… definitely a special experience! We had Darsanam of Lord Venkateswara on 18th early hours, and was quite good. We went to nearby temples on 19th.
We got Saptagiri Express to travel from Tirupati to Chennai, after which we had to catch Cheran Express to reach Coimbatore at 6.30 AM the other day, i.e., on 20th. The journey was very exciting, the train surprisingly ran very fast than I have ever imagined!! We had to go to Gandhipuram Bus-stand (if I can remember correctly!) to catch a bus to Ooty. Surprisingly there were many passengers to Ooty, we had to stand in a queue to get into bus, the services of which are very frequent. The journey in Bus was a bit boring and quite interesting as well! (Mixed Feeling!!) It took around 4 hours and a half to reach Ooty on a 43km Ghat Road from Mettupalaiyam, a place which takes an hour and a quarter to reach from Coimbatore. The bus which we got was very unconditional, and I along with my family members got frustrated as were everyone in the bus. At last, we reached Ooty!!!
The bus journey was comfortable enough in general sense, but one should enjoy the journey in the Toy Train, that plies from Mettupalaiyam to Ooty, connecting Nilagiri Express from Chennai in the morning.
We have booked rooms well in advance and we had a two day stay at Hotel Maneck, Main Bazaar Road. The hotel was good, but it does not meet the standards it has set in its price! Still, a decent stay! The food at Ooty was not great, flies were all around, the maintenance was not good. On a whole, the city is also not so greatly maintained, taking into consideration the number of tourists.
On 20th evening we went to Botanical Gardens, a great one to visit. We visited Ooty Lake, Rose Garden on 21st; we planned to visit many, but the rain stopped us; in fact everyone in Ooty from going on roads till dark. But the places we visited were awesome and are a must-visit ones!!!
On 22nd May, at 10.30AM, we got a bus from Ooty to Mysore, experiencing yet another Ghat Road journey. This time the bus was good, the roads were well maintained as well. On a whole, it was a comfortable 4 hour journey. We have taken a room at a lodge near bus-stand and by 6.00PM, we could manage to reach the beauty, Brindavan Gardens. We have stayed there till the closing time of it, 8.00PM, but found that the time was not sufficient. Two eyes were not sufficient to watch the beauty of it; it was certainly a great experience. The Musical fountain there is one of the greatest of its kinds I have ever seen. The next day we went to Mysore Maharaja Palace, it was really a great construction of the 1890’s!! Then we had a small shopping and finally got a bus to Bengaluru to reach Hyderabad in Sampark Kranti Express which departs Bengaluru at 10.20PM.
On a whole, our trip was very exciting and interesting as well. Hope you all also would enjoy the beauties of Ooty, Mysore.