Amith Nadig – Vijaya College of Music – May 28, 2016

May marks the end of the famous Rama Navami concert series in Bengaluru, so I generally used to attend at least one concert this month. However, in this season I couldn’t attend any concert till yesterday and this concert by extremely¬†talented Amith Nadig made sure I had attended a mandatory concert¬†for the month of May.

Vijaya College of Music (VCM) organized an excellent concert by Amith Nadig, accompanied by Arjun Kumar on Mridangam, Guruprasanna on Khanjira and Arun Kumar on Morsing. This is a special concert because it’s organized for the benefit of the students of VCM.

  1. Varnam – Kedaragowla
  2. Sri Ganapathi – Athana
  3. Intha Ninne – Mukhari
  4. Ninnujeppa Karanamemi – Mandari
  5. Janani Ninnuvina – ReetiGowla
  6. Evari Maata Vinnavo – Kambhoji
  7. Thillana – SindhuBhairavi
  8. Pavamanasuthudu – Sourashtram

Concert started with a very nice Kedaragowla varnam in Adi Talam followed by a short, yet delightful rendition of Athana ragam and the composition was presented very well with Kalpana Swaras.

Mukhari aalapana was very soulful (perhaps the best I’ve heard on Flute). These days, there is an increasing tendency to get carried away with fancy things while playing but his aalapana was very pristine, full of energy, that was carried all through the concert. He showed extreme brilliance in Kalpana swaras with three percussionists. Oh, when we all felt a light piece follows, it was a gentle Mandari ragam followed by the famous composition Ninnujeppa Karanamemi, again with some nice kalpana swaras.

Janani Ninnuvina was (supposedly) a filler between two sub-main pieces and a main piece. Despite being short, he did complete justice for the composition in ReetiGowla, one of the most fascinating ragas.

By then it was already raining heavily for more than an hour and water slowly started reaching the hall, perhaps to listen to some nice music. It doesn’t seem to have disturbed him as he enjoyed playing a fabulous Kambhoji. While I was expecting an RTP, it happened to be the famous composition “Evari Maata Vinnavo” by Saint Thyagaraja. Again, clean presentation followed by mind blowing kalpana swaras. He exhibited his mastery over laya by demonstrating swaras in various patterns and the Tani Avarthanam added more color to the concert. Amazing Arjun Kumar, groovy Guruprasanna and awesome Arun Kumar proved to be a great combination.

Guru Sri H K Venkatram, the head of the institute, in his thanksgiving, praised the extremely talented Amith for his unbelievable control over laya and also said he wouldn’t have been surprised if he played Tani with his flute. As he rightly mentioned, it’s the humility of all these artistes that we all students should takeaway from the concert.

The concert ended with a marvelous Thillana in SindhuBhairavi, composed by Sri Lalgudi G Jayaraman, followed a traditional Mangalam.

Important thing to note here is, he played without Violin for 2 hours, carrying the energy and enthusiasm all the way!