Why shouldn’t Sachin retire?


Most often than not, we feel that we know more than what the professionals in a particular field know. And in India, particularly in Cricket, we tend to dictate the terms for the players as if they are enjoying their sport at our mercy.

As always, one of the hot topics these days has been Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement from international cricket. Each of us has a vision for his career and unfortunately we miss to believe he has one too for himself! I am not going to support/criticize anyone in this regard but would like to be one among all of us who has a vision for his career and trying to portray it.

Should Sachin retire immediately?

Yes? No? Yes, we are in a position that we can’t stand on a particular side of the coin. We still want to see the awesome straight drives, magnificent punches off the back foot, gentle paddle sweeps and what not!

Yes, we all admit that his dip in form is hurting, we were in more agony after every time he got bowled OUT. Sure, he too is and that’s what we saw in Bengaluru test after he got out, which is surely not a good sign. But I have more reasons why he shouldn’t retire immediately than I have for the other side of the coin.

  1. We have 3 youngsters in the team who are still not very equipped to play in the international test level and we need someone who can guide them to settle down.
  2. A famous saying… “Form is temporary, but class is permanent!” Why can’t we enjoy his class for few more months?
  3. He is not playing that bad either, considering the others (including the captain himself) in the team. Then why just target him and increase the amount of pressure on his shoulders which is already huge?
  4. In the past 1 year which we term as the lean phase of his career, he showed flashes of brilliance although he couldn’t convert them into big scores. His second innings in Edgbaston, the Oval, first innings in Melbourne, Sydney, flashy 50 odd against Pakistan in Asia Cup…
  5. We need an experienced campaigner like him, particularly in the absence of Dravid and Laxman, the next time we tour abroad.
  6. And what’s wrong if a newly born child gets a chance to see his straight drive and say “Wah!”

… many reasons that he should stay. Let’s pray God that he gets back his lost form soon and get some runs against England which will boost his confidence so that he can continue long.

I am pretty sure he would give his hands up when he feels he can’t play anymore. But let’s hope it gets delayed as much as possible for the good of Indian team!