T M Krishna – Kanchi Shankara Mutt, Malleswaram – 8 October, 2016

I feel very good visiting Kanchi Shankara Mutt temple in Malleswaram, especially in Devi Navarathri time. Goddess was decorated very well!

T M Krishna and team’s concert at the venue was a treat to all the listeners. He was singing with Guru Sri H K Venkatram on Violin, Sri Praveen Kumar on Mridangam and Sri Guruprasad on Ghatam.

  1. Gajavadana Sammoditha – Todi
  2. Sapasya (or Tapasya?) Kausalya – Jonpuri (?)
  3. Maye tvam yahi – Tarangini
  4. Shankaram Pranatha Sreedharaham Bhaje – Janjhooti
  5. Vanajaksha – Behag (Varnam)
  6. Rama Rama – Ramakali
  7. Arunachala Natham – Saranga
  8. Dinamani Vamsha – Harikambhoji

TMK’s concerts are special in the sense that, sometimes you need not wait for an hour or so, for the main piece or whatever you may want to call it. This time, it started with a bang, right from minute 0.1!! A short aalapana of Todi followed by “Gajavadana Sammoditha” was the perfect start to the evening. Niraval exchanges on “Vaagvilaasa Karthikeya..” by Vocal and Violin were very soulful. Swara patterns, especially around Nishadham and Gandharam were mind-blowing! Short Tani Avarthanam with both Mridangam and Ghatam playing together made it even special!

Then started a flurry of ragas/compositions that I didn’t know at all! So, please excuse me, if I write anything incorrect and will be happy to be corrected. Gentle Ragam and Tanam in a raga that I couldn’t identify (I found online that the composition that followed is set to tune in Jonpuri), in trademark TMK style was lovely! It had a great Niraval too, around “Kaustubha shobhitham kantham..”.

There was a soulful aalapana by TMK and HKV Sir, in raga called Tarangini. TMK announced the raga name, perhaps looking at the faces of audience who probably had no clue about it. First time! And… mind blown!! Slightly on a melancholic note, the aalapana was my pick of the evening, especially on the Violin!

Janhjooti followed, on a Madhyama-sthayi sruthi. The aalapana was incredible and he started with a slokam and slowly moved to the composition. Again, typical TMK style, slow, classy and rich in bhava! Niraval on “Karunakaram haram chandrasekharam” was again amazing followed by some slow round of swaras. I generally like the slow exchange of kalpana swaras, as much, or perhaps more than the faster ones and they were exquisite! Another round of Tani Avarthanam, again kept sweet and short by Praveen Kumar and Guruprasad, added more flavour to it.

A short Ragam and fast paced Tanam, followed by the Varnam in Behag that lit up the entire hall, was fabulous!! Two back to back compositions of Deekshitar followed, in ragas Ramakali (announced by TMK again) and Saranga, with brief soulful aalapanas preceding them. A very nice concert ended with a wonderful composition in Harikambhoji followed by a slokam (Mangalam Kousalendraya..) in the same raga, to mark Mangalam!!

PS – The waves (taranga) of Tarangini are still ringing in my ears!!