Present Trend of Indian Telugu Filmy Music

Hi everyone,

I would like to bring in to your notice some facts that I always felt will have to share with someone. I’m from Andhra Pradesh, I love the classical Carnatic Music a lot. I’m also pretty much interested in the Filmy Music, especially, Telugu Filmy.

When talked about Telugu Filmy music, the first name that starts glowing in the mind of every normal person is Sri Ghantasala, I call him Ghantasala Master, as a sign of respect, as do many others. Many other singers and music directors came along with time.

The fact that no one can deny is that, even today, we usually humm or sing the (g)olden melodies. Even in the competitions, if any one is asked to sing a song, 95% of them choose the olden ones. Why? It is because those had lyrical, musical power, which, I’m sorry, but many latest ones do not have. People are still there to enjoy those kinds of songs, but the artists are unwilling to compose them!!!

I’d just like to inform you about a song, one of the best songs in the history of Telugu Filmy music, sung by Sri Ghantasala Master, composed by Sri Pendyala Nageswara Rao, for the film Jagadekaveerunikatha(1960’s), starred by Sri N.T.Ramarao. It starts like “siva sankari…” you try to listen to that song once, you will understand the beauty of music. We should always wish for the songs like these to be composed, atleast those that are equivalent to tip of nail of the thumb of left foot of this song…

We, at present, would love to listen the songs that were composed in 1950’s and 60’s. That means, we are enjoying the songs that age around 35-50 years too. But the real question is, how many of the present days’ songs would be loved by,or atleast listened by people of this generation or next generation, atleast after 15 years??? The songs had value in them, which many of the latest ones do not have.

I don’t say, at this point of time, that, our music directors don’t have capability, but I can clearly claim that they lack encouragement. I hereby would like to request everyone to honour the (g)olden music, and also encourage the composers to maintain values in their songs.

I hope my views don’t hurt anyone, but, I also need the (g)olden hits to be listened by everyone.You are free to post any comments. Thank you for going through this entire blog. Have a nice time.