Lalgudi Krishnan & Vijayalakshmi – Vishesha Fine Arts – July 2, 2016

Lalgudi has and will always have a special place in Carnatic Music, even after several generations. To me, with his unique style, Lalgudi Jayaraman Sir brought the life to Violin so it can sing, express and touch hearts. That style, popularly called the Lalgudi Bani, does the same through any instrument, may it be human body (Gaathra Veena), Saraswathi Veena or Violin.

Vishesha Fine Arts arranged a Violin duo concert by the Lalgudi siblings, Krishnan and Vijayalakshmi. In a jam-packed venue, they were accompanied by Bangalore V Praveen on Mridangam and Guruprasanna on Khanjira.

  1. ? – Sama
  2. ? – DeviManohari
  3. ? – Kannada
  4. Narayanaa – Suddha Dhanyasi
  5. Apparama Bhakti – Pantuvarali
  6. Ae naati nomu phalamu – Bhairavi
  7. Ragam Tanam Pallavi – BinduMalini
  8. Jagadodharana – Kapi
  9. Karpakame – Madhyamavathi
  10. Chinnanchiru Kiliye – Ragamalika
  11. Thillana – Mohanakalyani
  12. Pavamana Suthudu – Sourasthram

I had unfortunately reached about 30 minutes past scheduled time and by the time I was entering the packed hall, amazing swaras in Kannada are flowing from both Violins. So, missed first three compositions but noted the ragas from others in the hall. Narayanaa in Suddha Dhanyasi, a Purandaradasa’s composition was the first I heard this evening.

Soulful Pantuvarali has flown from Vijayalakshmi’s Violin. She did exhibit some wonderful patterns in raga aalapana before starting the all-time favorite Apparama Bhakti, a composition of Saint Thyagaraja. Kalpana Swaras, as is in case of Lalgudi style, included different patterns. Gentle playing even at moderately high speeds.

A heart-warming Bhairavi followed from Krishnan this time, he played it so gently that I was actually wondering how is the sound coming off the Violin. The bowing had silken touch. Perhaps Lalgudi Jayaraman Sir would have taught everyone in his school of music, to handle the Violin as carefully as you would handle an infant! A rare composition of Saint Thyagaraja followed, which also had a brief Niraval and ended with some pristine and mind-blowing swara patterns. Short and sweet Tani Avarthanam by Praveen and Guruprasanna added more flavor to the main piece.

As I heard BinduMalini, I thought they were playing the famous composition, Entha Muddo but it turned out to be a surprise choice for the Ragam Tanam Pallavi. A very pleasant, detailed aalapana and short Tanam by both was a treat to listen! The Pallavi was in Khanda jathi Jhampa Talam in Khanda gathi (oh well, it took me a while to understand the pattern). Different combinations of Pallavi followed and they did a Ragamalika in the end, alternating between both, in ragas Nalinakanthi, ReetiGowla, RasikaPriya and Hamsadhwani, with Krishnan summing all up in the end to finish a fabulous RTP.

Other small compositions followed and they ended the concert with the trademark Lalgudi Thillana in Mohanakalyani, followed by traditional Mangalam in Sourasthram.

I have been waiting to attend their concert for long time and it eventually materialized today!

Great people aided with Lalgudi Bani, that is rich in melody, pure in Bhava, innovative in laya, made a wonderful evening!