Sikkil Gurucharan – Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha – December 25, 2016

I have been waiting for long time to listen to Sikkil Gurucharan and I could finally catch him at the Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha in Chennai! Sri Sikkil Gurucharan, with Sri V Sanjeev on Violin, Sangeetha Kalanidhi Prof. Trichy Sankaran on Mridangam and Sri Giridhar Udupa on Ghatam, delivered a wonderful concert.

  1. Tharuni – Kambhoji varnam
  2. Pavanamaatmaja – Naata
  3. Parama pavana paapa mochana – Ranjani
  4. Vagarani – Kapi (?)
  5. Eduta Nilichite – Sankarabharanam
  6. Ragam Tanam Pallavi – Saveri
  7. ? – Dwijavanthi
  8. Bhajan? – Vasantha (?)
  9. Sreerama Jayamangalam – Surati

Kambhoji varnam was an excellent start to what turned out to be a great concert. Ranjani elaboration was too good and my pick of the evening, the Niraval on Paapa Mochana Sri Raghu… was simply outstanding!

Sankarabharanam was the main ragam of the concert, with both Charan and Sanjeev presenting it leisurely while exhibiting multiple dimensions of the ragam. Charan sang with so much ease in three octaves with the lovely Violinist Sanjeev following him very well. There were a very few boring moments in the long Violin return but it was a nice presentation. Eduta Nilichite is a fabulous composition in this grand ragam and it was presented in even grander way, with some exquisite round of kalpana swaras. Tani Avarthanam by Sangeetha Kalanidhi Trichy Sankaran and Giridhar Udupa was fabulous! As a whole, the main composition took about 70-75 minutes roughly and in the hindsight, I felt it was a tad long, as I probably felt he had to rush through the RTP that was to follow.

Saveri was presented with so much elegance to bring out the flavour of it in Ragam and Tanam by both Charan and Sanjeev. The pallavi was excellent and sung in different rhythmic patterns, with excellent support on Mridangam and Ghatam. Though he spent about 25 minutes on RTP, I personally felt, the Pallavi deserved a bit more time. However, I understand the time constraints and he did a commendable job, nonetheless!

The concert ended with some mandatory light pieces and it was heartening to see a lot of people glued to their seats till the end. Overall, a great concert with some of the songs I have heard for the first time. Happy to have attended Charan’s concert finally, after a long time!


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