Saketharaman – Vani Mahal, Chennai – December 24, 2016

Sri Saketharaman, with Smt. Charumathi Raghuraman on Violin, Sri Neyveli Narayanan on Mridangam and Sri Guruprasanna on Khanjira, delivered a super concert at Sri Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha (Vani Mahal), Chennai.

  1. Ramachandram Bhavayami – Vasantha
  2. ? – Hamir Kalyani
  3. Entha Ninne varninthunu – Mukhari
  4. Evaritho ne telpudo Rama – Manavathi
  5. Punniyam Oru Koti – Keeravani
  6. Madhava Mamava Deva – Neelambari
  7. Ragam Tanam Pallavi – Brindavana Saranga
  8. Mannupugazh Kosalai – Ragamalika
  9. Tirupati Venkataramana – Hamsanandi
  10. Thillana – Vasanthi
  11. Pavamana Suthudu – Sourashtram

Ramachandram Bhavayami is a nice composition to start the concert and the Swaras around Saketha set the stage well for the next 2.5 hours. A Tamil composition in Hamir Kalyani followed after a very brief aalapana that brought out the very essence of the raga. The Lalgudi Bani!!

Soulful Mukhari aalapana by Saketh and wonderful return by Charumathi on Violin was a treat to the ears. Niraval exchanges on Kanulara Sevinchi Kammani Phalamulanosagi.. was delightful. A fast paced Evaritho ne telpudo which I heard second time and only from Saketh both times, a wonderful composition by Saint Thyagaraja was a filler between the lovely Mukhari and soul stirring Keeravani that was to follow.

Keeravani is one of those ragas that needs proper and careful handling to sound the way it should, and to create the kind of mood it is supposed to. While Saketh explored the aalapana in many different ways, Charumathi did an extremely good job of shadowing him well. Lalgudi Bani on one side and T N Krishnan’s style of gamakas on the other side. Oh, it was a wonderful sketch altogether! There was a Graha Bhedam (to Hemavathi perhaps?) in the middle of aalapana and it was very fascinating. It’s a Tamil krithi and Saketh mentioned something about it (in Tamil), which I couldn’t catch. I heard it for the first time and the Niraval and Swaras made it even special. Brilliant Tani Avarthanam by Narayanan and Guruprasanna, who did a great job all through the concert.

Madhava Mamava Deva in Neelambari was a filler before what turned out to be a wonderful Ragam Tanam Pallavi in Brindavana Saranga. It’s a very rarely heard ragam and more so for an RTP. Excellent presentation of Ragam and Tanam by Saketh and Charumathi. In Tanam, there was a transition to Sankarabharanam (?) and Sindhu Bhairavi before concluding it in Brindavana Saranga. Pallavi Ananda Natana Prakasam Chitsavesam Chidambaresam Aasrayami Satatam in Misra Jathi Triputa Talam was sung in all possible nadais. He has such a command on laya!! Very pleasing to hear Ragamalika swaras in Sahana, Mohanam and a rare ragam called Misra Surya. Some very interesting swara patterns around Madhyamam in Brindavana Saranga to conclude the grand Pallavi.

The concert ended with a wonderful Thillana by Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman in Vasanthi and traditional Mangalam.



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