Hyderabad Brothers – Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha – December 25, 2016

Hyderabad Brothers Sri Seshachary & Sri Raghavachary, with Sri Nagai Sriram on Violin, Sri Mannargudi Easwaran on Mridangam and Sri B S Purushottaman on Khanjira.

  1. Evarani Nirnayinchiri – Devamruthavarshini
  2. Vagachoochutaku idi velara Daasarathe – ?
  3. Sadachaleswaram Bhavaye – Bhoopalam
  4. Saketha Nikethana – Kannada
  5. Kaligiyunte – Keeravani
  6. Charumathi Upacharamu – Kaanada
  7. Cheliya Nenetu Maaru – Ananda Bhairavi (?)
  8. Ayyo vibhudu nanu – Kedaragowla (Javali)
  9. Karunai Daivame Karpagame – Sindhu Bhairavi
  10. Thillana – Pahaadi

Hyderabad Brothers are known to present some very rare krithis and this concert was no different! It was so different to have heard all Telugu compositions in a concert in Chennai, till the time someone requested them for a Tamil composition in the end, which they obliged with one in Sindhu Bhairavi!

Kannada and Keeravani were elaborated, with Nagai Sriram playing extremely well all the way. He shadowed the brothers very well and returned in their style in a lovely way. Kaligiyunte is a wonderful composition that brought charm to the concert. Mannargudi Easwaran was fabulous as usual, with B S Purushottaman playing very softly.

Some very rare light compositions in Telugu, especially Cheliya Nenetu Maaru and Ayyo Vibhudu Nanu were very interesting, with so much of lyrical value, brought out very well by brothers. I am not sure how many in the hall would have understood their effort, except a very few Telugu rasikas.

The concert ended with the Thillana in ragam Pahaadi by Lalgudi Jayaraman Sir.


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