Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh – Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival – April 9, 2015

It was yet another magical, elegant, “Dr. Jayanthi stamped” (if I may say) concert and I am glad after a long wait I could finally attend her solo concert. In most cases for me, if it is first time, it has to be with Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh and yes, this was my first concert that I watched live streaming! Thanks to iCarnatic.org for helping Rasikas in India watch the concerts for free.

This is for Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival and for the first time that I watched Dr. Jayanthi live in these 2.5 years, she was accompanied by another melody instrument too. I have seen her performing many Jugalbandis with Vid. Kumaresh, Dr. Mysore Manjunath and others but this is her solo concert.

Jayanthi Akka at Cleveland Aradhana

Dr. Jayanthi was accompanied by Anuradha Sridhar (Violin), Mannargudi Easwaran (Mridangam) and N. Guru Prasad (Ghatam). It was indeed an emotional concert for Dr. Jayanthi as her PeriAppa (Husband of her Guru and Aunt, Smt. Padmavathy Ananthagopalan, passed away a night before) and in her words, the concert was planned with all compositions/ragas that he would have liked.

  1. Sahana Varnam
  2. Aparadhamula norva – Lathangi
  3. Sukhi Evaro – Kanada
  4. Nenarunchara naapaini – Simhavahini
  5. Ragam Tanam Pallavi (RTP) – Sarasangi
  6. Chandrasekhara – Sindhu Bhairavi

Concert started with a customary Varnam and what better than Sahana Ragam!!! I just get the feeling, Sahana rendition from the Lalgudi school is a must-listen for Rasikas. I don’t have knowledge to comment further, but their rendition stands apart from others’.

Aparadhamula norva was a classic in Lathangi and it has all the stamp of Lalgudi Bani. Anuradha (is Dr. Jayanthi’s cousin and daughter of Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam) also hailing from the Lalgudi school, provided excellent support to Dr. Jayanthi’s scintillating sangathis.

Next came, the soul-stirring (borrowed this word from Cleveland’s official page) Kanada and that aalapana says it all – what this concert meant to her, because of the event that preceded it, and that stood the best Kanada rendition I have ever heard. I was in so much awe that I couldn’t figure out what the composition was and the Kalpana swaras followed it too, which I would call Dr. Jayanthi’s magic! I wish I knew better vocabulary to express the same.

A very short aalapana of Simhavahini (first time for me) was followed by Thyagaraja’s composition Nenarunchara naapaini that was so beautiful.

The RTP is always something that I wait for in concerts. Dr. Jayanthi didn’t announce the Ragam but I think it was Charukesi but it was Sarasangi. A typical long soulful rendition of Ragam was followed by “Dr. Jayanthi – special” Tanam in short bursts by both the melodic instruments. She played some excellent pieces of Tanam, amazingly complemented by Anuradha. The pallavi, which was a little longer, was dedicated to Devi and well composed. Kalpana Swaras were again amazingly presented. She demonstrated some great pattern to transition from main Ragam to the other Ragas for Raga maalika. Tani avarthanam was sweet and short too.

The concert ended with a short Sindhu Bhairavi aalapana followed by Chandrasekhara composition. It was so heartening to have watched this concert from 3 AM to 5 AM IST. Wonderful gesture from organizing committee by requesting everyone to stand up and observe a minute of silence to the great soul that departed a night before.

As usual, no words in any language can explain my admiration towards Dr. Jayanthi and her music and I am looking forward to her next concert soon! 🙂


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