Ranjani-Gayathri – Rama Seva Mandali – April 5, 2015

Ranjani-Gayathri (RaGa) are amazing vocal duo and each time I listen to them live, my admiration towards them grows in multiple folds. An excellent concert this was, and what a way to end weekend!

RaGa are accompanied by M. Rajeev on Violin, Manoj Siva on Mridangam and Omkar Rao on Ghatam. Concert was planned in a beautiful way with excellent choice of compositions.

  1. Kedaragowla Varnam
  2. Yaare Rangana yaare Krishnana – Hindolam
  3. Vidajaaladu raa Naa manasu – Janaranjani
  4. Nannu brovu lalitha – Lalitha
  5. Srinivasa tava charanam – Kharaharapriya
  6. Okapari joodaga – Kalavathi
  7. MohanaKalyani – Ragam Tanam Pallavi (RTP)

I just love the way RaGa render the Ragas! Ranjani did an excellent job with Hindolam while Gayathri, justifying the name of the raga, did an extensive elaboration of Janaranjani. The composition in Lalitha was very soulful. The main piece of the concert was Papanasanam Sivan’s Srinivasa tava charanam in Kharaharapriya, that followed a very deep elaboration of the Ragam. Violinist was too good in responses to vocals all the way and his violin also sounded so sweet. I felt Tani Avarthanam was not that catchy for some reason (it was Roopaka talam in chouka kalam).

RTP rendition was just spellbinding with long elaborations of Ragam and short bursts of a few cycles of Tanam with the Kalpana swaras in the end in 2 ragas each. A touch of Hindustani flavour was felt in the end with the respective ragas chosen by them for raaga maalika (I could not identify even one, but Gayathri announced one of the four was, Malavi). Gayathri ended Kalpana swaras section with a trademark Graha Bhedam on Pa and Dha2, leading to Aarabhi and Abheri ragas respectively.

It was already late and I had to leave to reach home. But believe me, it was one of those concerts that I felt very tough to leave. Looking forward to their next concert in Bengaluru! 🙂

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One thought on “Ranjani-Gayathri – Rama Seva Mandali – April 5, 2015”

  1. I love RaGa! They are beyond amazing. Check out my blog as I do some carnatic posts along with other ramblings too as a Carnatic musician myself I can relate!

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