T M Krishna – Seshadripuram College – March 29, 2015

It was the first time that I could finally watch T M Krishna live! What a performer he is!! Just adds that dynamism along with experimentations all the way..

Sri T M Krishna was accompanied by Sri HK Venkatram on Violin, Sri H S Sudhindra on Mridangam and Sri Omkar Rao on Ghatam.

  1. Intha soukhyamani – Kapi
  2. Ragam – Tanam – Varnam (Nava Raaga Maalika)
  3. Upacharamulu Chesevaru – Bhairavi
  4. Pranatha Arthimbhaje – Janjhooti
  5. Irakkam Varaamal – Behag
  6. Vanita ro ee vannelela ne – Ananda bhairavi (Javali)
  7. Deva Deva Kalayamithe – Mayamalavagowla
  8. Couldn’t understand (sorry 😦 )
  9. Pavamana suthudu – Sowrashtram

Kapi elaboration both by vocals and Violin was beautiful. Nava raaga maalika Ragam, Tanam and Varnam was amazing. TMK acknowledged HKV that “if he is playing so well like this, how can I sing!”.

Notable point is that he did Niraval for 3 compositions with subtle delicacy in expressions. Overall, a treat to the ears. Again, what a performer!!


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