A Player born to Excel!!!

Hi everyone,

Just got out of the awesome mood after my favorite player, in fact everyone’s, Sachin Tendulkar scored a massive 200* in an ODI for the first time. Truly unbelievable, unforettable, unconquerable and many words, which I’m not presently getting into my thoughts, define that Innings!

Awesome off drives, gorgeous inside-out hits, charismatic leg glance and what not! That innings contained everything!

I cannot comment any more but express my hearty thanks to Sachin for demonstrating the meanings of “A Player born to Excel” and ” An Innings of a Lifetime” at Gwalior today.

Many players come and go. Only few players of his kind play long and long and prolong their career with awe-inspiring performances. This record is certainly one of his best. There can be many players in the future who can score more than double hundreds in ODIs but Sachin will certainly remain as the person who showed everyone that it is also gettable.

Finally, I’m proud of being a fan of Sachin and I wish he scores more and more, plays for long long time and satisfies the greatest dream of every fan of Indian cricket, “Winning a World Cup” in 2011 in India.


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Kausal Malladi

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