An Innings of a Lifetime!!!

Hello everyone,
I finally found some time to share my thoughts through my blog, eventually its about Cricket and what others??!!
I’m one of the greatest fans of Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket and am sure, no one can deny this after talking to me in person! The knock of Tendulkar on 5th November, 2009 was an awesome one and simply one of this best. To be frank, now-a-days I rarely watched him playing live, the knock which I could see after 16th May, 2009 brought in me enormous amount of Happiness which I cannot convert into words. I have always been worrying a lot for not being able to watch his game live because of keeping myselves busy with some other important works.
The match on November, 5th was at Hyderabad, my city; I even got a chance to watch the match by sitting in the excellent Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, but could not utilize it because I was busy; I feel a lot for not attending the match, now!
Coming to the match, I can say it was simply mind-blowing and heart-breaking! I used two paradox words because it was mind-blowing while Sachin was playing and it was heart-breaking when he was out and subsequently everyone followed him! 😦
Can anyone who has seen that knock of Tendulkar and who doesn’t know him, agree to the statement that “He is 36 and half Years old, he cannot play as he was, he is going to retire in less than 2 Years,…..”?! I’m sure no one could agree with that.
In my little sense of English, I can describe the innings of Tendulkar as a mixture of “Awesome Cover Drives, Excellent Glance, Gorgeous on-drives, terrific hooks, above all, fantabulous straight drives!” The innings stands as one of the best innings of the ODIs.
Should someone supported him while playing, the result could have turned the other way round. It should have been a day to be written in Gold, in the History of Indian Cricket, chasing 351. Tendulkar, the gold mine for Indian Cricket tried to make it possible, but unfortunately, at the end of the day, he did not receive support from the other end and thus cost us the game. Yet, no one can forget the Tendulkar’s knock but they can happily forget loosing the match.
Tendulkar has the highest number of runs than anyone in ODIs as well as Tests, highest 100s, highest 50s, most number of runs in world cups, and what not! Someone was holding a banner in the match when he scored 17000, that banner was comparing the Gold Rates to his ODI runs and hence his value…. What more does he need?
I hereby would like to make it clear to all who are reading this blog, not to criticise Sachin anymore when he fails. It is part and parcel of the game to fail in an odd match, but we should respect his dignity and the honour he brought to his team and his country and ultimately everyone of us. Hope Tendulkar plays for years together with same energy and let’s all wish him to be fit and win the 2011 World Cup for India.
Thank you for going through my blog, any comments are always welcome.


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